What Will Florida Nurse Do for Me?

  • Over 1000 nurses a year licensed (see below for the reasons why)
  • In business since 1994
  • Former Florida Board of Medicine Analysts on Staff
  • Office located just 3.6 miles from the Florida Medical Board (see Google Maps)
  • Daily visits to the Florida Board on behalf of our many clients

The reasons why our services are so popular and widely used by Nurses throughout the U.S. is because the FL licensing process can be complex, difficult and potentially VERY time consuming. With our service, our clients are typically licensed in 2-3 weeks versus potentially 2-3 months, if not longer, if you attempt the process on your own.

Florida State Capitol

Time is Money!

Florida Nurse Will Save You Both.

“My colleagues who applied for their Florida Nurse licenses on their own were receiving them in 8-12 weeks and sometimes even longer. I contacted Florida Med and received mine in 20 days. This process in not as simple and easy as you would think. Do yourself a favor, contact Florida Med and let them handle everything for you. You won’t regret it. Thanks Florida Med!” 

Joe Biggs RN9260208

“Thank you very much for your help. You guys made this so easy for me. You and your company were wonderful. I have been given so much false information by the state and another agency. That was the reason I had not transferred my license earlier. I came to Florida burned out on nursing and thought I was done with it, but after a little break from the business decided to check out going back into it.”

Darrell Burkhart, PN5190968

Fee for Our Services?

$125 for RNs & LPNs
$225 for ARNPs

Fee for the License?

$110 for RNs & LPNs
$210 for ARNPs

Criminal Background Check


Simply email or fax us your Application Information and we’ll get started immediately.

Florida Nurse does not require a payment or down payment to start the process for you.

  • Credit card number
  • Expiration date
  • 3 digit code on back of card
  • Name on card
  • Billing address

Note: The credit card used can be in your name, your spouse’s name, your friend’s name or your relative’s name. Also, ONLY our fee will be charged at this point in time in the process, ($125 for RNs/LPNs and $225 for ARNPs and CRNAs.) The FL application fee does not need to be paid until we submit your application to the FL Board.

Application Information:

  • Name as you want it to appear on your license?
  • Ever change your name through marriage? If so, maiden name? Date?
  • Home/mailing address? Phone? Email?
  • Best way for us to contact you?
  • Social Security #
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Race
  • Mother’s maiden name?
  • Nursing School attended? Location?
  • Date of graduation?
  • Type of degree? (LPN?, ADN? BSN? etc…)
  • Original State of licensure?
  • Any other state licenses?
  • Any disciplinary actions ever been taken against your license?
  • VERY IMPORTANT! Ever been arrested? DUIs? Note: Any arrest WILL show up on your FBI background check, even if charges were dropped, dismissed or even “expunged”.